Lord of Strength – 9 of Wands – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn title

Lord of Strength

Divinatory meanings

Strong emotion bubbles under a calm surface. Hidden passion; rapid, unpredictable change; strength through balance.

MacGregor Mathers

Order, Discipline, Good Arrangement, Disposition.


Obstacles, Crosses, Delay, Displeasure.

Astrological attributions

The second or Succedent decan of Sagittarius ruled by Moon from December 2nd-11th

Magical Image of the Second Face of Sagittarius in Picatrix

In the second face of Sagittarius ascends a woman weeping, and covered with clothes; the operation of this is for sadness and fear of his own body.

Picatrix commentary

The appearance of the Nine of Wands in a reading invariably suggest an improving situation. The interpretation provides the hope that is singularly lacking in this face of  Picatrix

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Ace of Wands – Golden Dawn

Ace of Wands – Golden Dawn

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2 The High Priestess – Golden Dawn

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