Queen of Swords – Book of Thoth

Queen of Swords Divinatory Meanings

The Queen of Swords is a sorrowful woman who has lost in love, or is widowed.

Characteristics of the Queen of Swords

The person symbolized by this card should be intensely perceptive, a keen observer, a subtle interpreter, an intense individualist, swift and accurate at recording ideas; in action confident, in spirit gracious and just. Her movements will be graceful, and her ability in dancing and balancing exceptional.

If ill-dignified, these qualities will all be turned to unworthy purposes. She will be cruel, sly, deceitful and unreliable; in this way, very dangerous, on account of the superficial beauty and attractiveness which distinguish her.

Attributions of the Queen of Swords

Symbols of Queen of Swords

  • Severed head
  • Drawn sword
  • Clouds

Elemental Attributions

Water of Air

Zodiacal Attributions

20 Virgo – 20 Libra

Sephirah on the Tree of Life


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  1. Vikarini

    Hi Paul,
    looking at the Queen of Swords with the severed head, what comes to mind is Kali of Kashmir Shaivism.
    Kali was released from Durgha’s head to fight a fierce demon. Durgha is an expression of the female principle, a Shakti of Shiva.
    Kali accomplished the task in a hard fight and decapitated the demon. He asked her for the boon to be accepted as her servant.
    Would Crowley have known about this?

    • 3d8jq

      Hi Vikarini,

      He probably did!



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