10 Wheel of Fortune – Golden Dawn

10 Wheel of Fortune - Golden Dawn Major Arcana

Divinatory Meanings of Wheel of Fortune

Change of fortune

Reversed Meanings

Fortune somewhat diminished

Attributions of Fortune

Golden Dawn Title of Wheel of Fortune

The Lord of the Forces of Life

Correct design of The Wheel of Fortune

A wheel of six shafts

Mercury, Sulphur and Earth or Sattva, Rajas and Tamas

Liber 777


Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, exalted in Cancer, and in fall in Capricorn.


Hebrew letter Kaph – K – a Hand

The All-Father in 3 forms. Fire, Air and Water. In the Whirlings is War

Liber 777

Kaph the Palm of the hand, is the hub of the wheel from which the force of the 5 elements spring. The reference is particularly to Jupiter and the 10th Atu. The regular form may suggest the fist: the final, the open hand.

Path of Wisdom

The Twenty-first Path is the Intelligence of Conciliation, and is so called because it receives the divine influence which flows into it from its benediction upon all and each existence

Deities associated with Fortune

Egyptian Gods


Greek Gods


Flora and Fauna of Fortune



Precious Stone

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is of the blue violet of the highest form of Jupiter. The specks in it may perhaps be taken to represent those particles of dust referred to above.


The Amethyst is the violet of Jupiter. It is the traditional stone of episcopal rank. Its legendary virtue of protecting its bearer from intoxication indicate its value in lustration. It is the purity of Exempt Adept which destroys for him the illusion or drunkenness of existence, and therefore enables him to take the great leap into the


Praying Mantis

The Praying Mantis suggests Jupiter by its simulation of a devotional attitude


The Eagle is the sacred bird of Jupiter.



Cedar has a traditional value in religious work – its perfume is devotional  according to the testimony of intuition, and it is supposed to preserve things  in its neighbourhood from the attacks of moths etc.


Arnica is attributed to Jupiter for its use in relieving pain.


The Poplar is given to Jupiter on account of its soft and easily swollen wood and because of its great height.


The Hyssop is Jupiterian on account of its religious use in lustration. It might perhaps be more properly attributed to Chesed.


The Fig is Jupiterian because of its soft, swollen and, so to speak, sensual pulp; and also perhaps because of its rich purple colour, suggesting episcopal vestments.


The Oak is traditionally sacred to Jupiter, perhaps because it is the king of the trees as Jupiter is king of the gods.

Magical Attributions of Fortune

Magical Weapon


The Sceptre is not a true weapon. It is the symbol of authority, an ornamental reminder of the wand which is kept in the background. The Sceptre must not be used to strike, it would break; as soon as its virtue is challenged, it must be instantly discarded for the thunderbolt.

Magical Powers

Power of Acquiring Political and other Ascendancy


Colour Scales of Fortune

Knight Colour Scale


Queen Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

Rich Purple

Princess Colour Scale

Bright Blue rayed Yellow

The religious devotion of Jupiter is rewarded by yellow rays of the Holy Guardian Angel.

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