21 The World – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title: The Great One of the Night of Time

Divinatory Meanings

The matter itself. Synthesis. World. Kingdom. The subject of the question

MacGregor Mathers

Completion, Good Reward.

Reversed meanings

Evil Reward, or Recompense

Golden Dawn description of The World

The twenty-first Key of the Tarot … Within the oval formed of the seventytwo circles, is a female form, nude save for a scarf that floats around her. She is crowned with the Lunar Crescent of lsis and holds in her hands, two wands. Her legs form a cross. She is the Bride of the Apocalypse, the Kabbalistic Queen of the Canticles, the Egyptian Isis of Nature now shown partially unveiled, the great feminine Kerubic Angel Sandalphon on the Ieft hand of the Mercy Seat of the Ark. The Wands are the directing forces of the Positive and negative currents. The Seven pointed Heptagram or Star, alludes to the Seven Palaces of Assiah: the crossed legs are a symbol of the four letters of the Name. The surmounting crescent receives the influences of Geburah and Gedulah. She is the synthesis of the thirtysecond Path, uniting Malkuth to Yesod. The oval of seventytwo smaller circles refers to the Schemphamphoresh, or Seventy-Two fold Name of the Deity. The twelve larger circles form the Zodiac. At the angles are the Four Kerubim which are the vivified powers of the Letters of the Name of YOD HEH VAU HEH operating in the Elements.

God Name of Assiah


Adonai Ha-Aretz is the natural title of Earth (32bis); and Adonai is the name of God particularly referred to man in his mortality. It is one title of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Path of Wisdom

The Thirty-second Path is the Administrative Intelligence, and it is so called because it directs and associates, in all their operations, the seven planets, even all of them in their own due courses.

Deities associated with The World

Egyptian Gods


Kerub of Earth


Asar represents Spirit as being the ideal God in the normal man.


Crocodile God, Devourer


Goddess of Earth


Crocodile God, Devourers


Kerub of Earth.

Roman Gods


Astraea is attributed here in so far as she may be taken to represent the central figure in ATU XXI


Because Saturn is the end of things.



Goddess of Earth.

Greek Gods


The Higher Wisdom.


Goddess of Corn


Earth itself.




Saturn, the dark one and limitation of Time.

Flora and Fauna of the World





Precious Stones


The precious stone of Saturn. This attribution is traditional: it is the dullness and frequent blackness of Onyx which occasions the reference.


Traditionally sacred to Earth



The Crocodile is Saturnian, as the devourer.


The Bull is the Kerub of Earth



The Ash tree is given to Saturn in connection with the phrase “ashen pale.” (The real nature of the tree is more properly solar.)


The Oak is given here on account of its stability.


The Elm is Saturnian on account of its murderous habit of dropping boughs without warning. The wood is also traditionally the best available for coffins.


All Cereals pertain to Earth, Wheat is the typical cereal being the foundation for the Pentacle.


The Ivy because of the analogy of the Earth with Malkuth.


Magical Attributions of The World

Magical Powers

Works of Malediction and Death

Alchemy, Geomancy, Making of Pantacles

Magical Weapons


The Pantacle is the elemental weapon of Earth. The platter of bread and salt, or sometimes salt alone, is its equivalent, but is used actively to administer to the candidate sometimes to seal his obligation, sometimes to nourish him spiritually. Bread and Salt are the two principle substances traditionally sacred to Earth.


The Sickle is the traditional weapon of Saturn. It implies the power of time to reap the harvest of man’s life and work. It may be used in actual ceremony to threaten the spirit that Choronzon will cut short his independent existence, that Choronzon will reap his Karma, and add it to the treasure of Choronzon’s storehouse.

Colour Scales of the World

Knight Colour Scale


Queen Colour Scale


The indigo is that of the Akasa (ether) and of the throat of Shiva. It represents the night sky blue of the nemyss of Thoth. This nemyss is the mysterious yet pregnant darkness which surrounds the generative process.

Prince Colour Scale


Princess Colour Scale

Black, rayed blue

The perfection of Saturn is its identification with Binah. It has, so to speak, made good its position above the Abyss. It is adorned with the blue rays of the Knight Scale of Chokmah. The Symbol implies that Time, the Destroyer, has been transmuted into the condition of the operation of the Great Work, i.e., the marriage of Chokmah and Binah Black, flecked Yellow. Earth is identical with Malkuth, save that the rays are now flecks. The symbolism is similar.

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