Lord of Oppression – 10 of Wands – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn title

Lord of Oppression

Divinatory meanings

Oppression, cruelty. Hope based upon the ability to imagine a better situation.

MacGregor Mathers

Confidence, Security, Honor, Good Faith.


Treachery, Subterfuge, Duplicity, Bar.

Astrological attributions

The third or Cadent decan of Sagittarius ruled by Saturn from December 12th-21st

Magical Image of the Third Face of Sagittarius in Picatrix

In the third face of Sagittarius ascends a man like in colour to gold, or an idle man playing with a staff; and the signification of this is in following our own wills, and obstinacy in them, and in activeness for evil things, contentions, and horrible matters.

Picatrix commentary

We see the unambiguous implications oppression in Picatrix by “evil things, contentions, and horrible matters.”

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