The 4 Tens in Malkuth

Powers and Attributions of the Tens Minor Arcana and Malkuth on the Tree of Life

The Tens are the final manifestation of the energies, and they have a lot to do with governance. Ten of Wands, Ten of Cups, Ten of Swords, Ten of Disks

Magical Image of Malkuth

A young woman crowned and veiled

Golden Dawn Grade

1=10 Zelator

God Name in Assiah


My Lord is King, ADONAI MELEKH is the natural inhabitant of “The Kingdom”.

Heaven of Assiah

ChVLM YSVDVTh – Sphere of the Elements

Cholim Yesodoth. The sphere of the elements is attributed to Malkuth. Of course, the elements extend through the Sephiroth. But “element” here means the composition of Nephesh and sensible matter; which pertain to Malkuth.

Path of Wisdom

The Tenth Path is the Resplendent Intelligence, because it is exalted above every bead, and sits on the throne of Binah. It illuminates the splendour of all lights, and causes a supply of influence to emanate from the principle of countenances.

Deities associated with the Tens Minor Arcana

Egyptian Gods

Lower Isis and Nephthys

Lower (ie. unwedded) Isis and Nephthys as Virgins, imperfect until impregnated.


Lord of the Earth


Containing the 4 elements or Kerubs The Sphinx as containing the 4th element, the Child. He Final, twin of the male child Vau.

Greek Gods


The virgin Earth. See her legend. She is Malkuth of Demeter and Binah.


A doubtful attribution, the connection being with Adonai as God of Earth


The unredeemed Soul

Roman Gods


Goddess of Earth.

Flora and Fauna associated with the 10’s Minor Arcana



The Pomegranate is sacred to Proserpine; in appearance also it is strongly suggestive of the feminine symbol.


All Cereals pertain to Malkuth. Wheat being the foundation of the Pentacle which represents Nephesh.


Willow is the traditional tree of the neglected maiden, Malkuth unredeemed.


The Ivy has the  clinging and flexible nature of the neglected maiden, Malkuth unredeemed.


The Lily suggests the neglected maiden, Malkuth unredeemed.

Precious Stones

Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal reminds us of the aphorism: Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth in Kether, but after another manner.


Dittany of Crete

Magical Powers of the Tens Minor Arcana

Magical Weapons

Circle and Triangle

The Circle and Triangle are the spheres of operation of the magician and his work which is in Malkuth, the kingdom, the Realm of Assiah. The Triangle being outside the Circle, is the place of the Spirit, but it belongs not to him for his realm is formlessness. The Triangle is the figure into which Choronzon must be evoked in order to confer form upon him.

Magical Powers

The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel or Adonai

Magical Formula


Colour Scales of the Tens Minor Arcana

Knight Colour Scale


The yellow indicates Malkuth as the appearance which our senses attach to the solar radiance. In other words, Malkuth is the illusion which we make in order to represent to ourselves the energy of the Universe.

Queen Colour Scale

Citrine (N), Olive (E), Russet (W) and Black (S) Saltire

Prince Colour Scale

As Queen Scale but Gold flecked Black

Malkuth has been set upon the Throne of Binah; and the rays of the bridegroom Tipareth flood her with Gold.

Princess Colour Scale

Black rayed with yellow

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