Ace of Wands – Book of Thoth

The commencement of an action. The sprouting of a seed, or germ of an idea. The nature of the action depend on cards around the Ace of Wands

Book of Thoth: Ace of Wands

This card represents the essence of the element of Fire in its inception. It is a solar-phallic outburst of flame from which spring lightnings in every direction.

These flames are Yods, arranged in the form of the Tree of Life. (For Yod, see Atu IX supra.)

It is the primordial Energy of the Divine manifesting in Matter, at so early a stage that it is not yet definitely formulated as Will.

The Ace of Wands is the beginning or seed of Fire, so that not even Will has formed.

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Ace of Wands – Golden Dawn

Ace of Wands – Golden Dawn

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  1. melissa

    I love your new site. It would be most helpful to have a next button at the top & bottom of these “meanings of the Tarot” pages so we could click thru instead of having to go back to the menu and find our way to the next card. Just for the tarot meanings pages since there are so many cards. Just a thought.

    • Paul-Hughes-Barlow

      Hi Melissa,

      Good idea!

  2. Pablo

    Hello Paul, you have said that the nature of the ace of wands depends on the neighboring cards. How would you interpret the ace of wands between five of swords and ten of wands?
    Thank you

    • Paul-Hughes-Barlow

      Hi Pablo,

      The Ace of Wands between the 5 of Swords defeat and 10 of Swords shows the beginning of an action that is conflicted – the person thinks it might fail, but wants to cause chaos, or simply a disastrous action. All depends on the client and circumstances.


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