20 Judgment – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn title of Judgement: The Spirit of the Primal Fire

Divinatory Meanings

Final decision. Judgement. Sentence. Determination of a matter without appeal on its plane.

MacGregor Mathers

Renewal, Result, Determination of a Matter.

Reversed meanings

Postponement of Result, Delay, Matter reopened later.

Golden Dawn description for Judgement

The Twentieth Key of the Tarot … to the uninitiated eye It apparently represetnts the last Judgtment with an Angel blowing a frumpet and the Dead rising from their tombs, but its meaning is far more occult and recondite than this, for it is a glyph of the Powers of Fire. The Angel encircled by a rainbow, whence leap coruscations of Fire and crowned with the Sun, represents Michael, the Great Arch-Angel and the Ruler of Solar Fire. The Serpents which leap in the rainbow are symbols of the Fiery Seraphim.

The Trumpet represents the influence of the Spirit descending from BINAH, while the Banner with the Cross refers to the Four Rivers of Paradise and the Letters of the Holy Name. He is also Axieros, the first of the Samothracian Kabiri as well as Zeus and Osiris. The left hand figure below, rising from the Earth is Samael, Ruler of Volcanic Fir. He is also Axiokersos, the Second Kabir Pluto and T)phon.

The right hand figure below is Anael, the Ruler of Astral Light. She is also Axiokersa, the third Kabir, Ceres and Persephone, lsis and Nephthys. She is, therefore, represented in duplicate form and rlsing from the waters. Around both these figures dart flashes of Lightning. The central lower figure with his back turned and his arms in the Sign of the 2 = 9 Grade Is Arael, the Ruler of iatent heat. He is rising from the Earth as if to receive the properties of the other three. He is also Kasmillos the Candidate

in the Samothracian Mysteries and the Horus of Egypt. He rises fmm the rock-hewn cubical Tomb and he also alludes to the Candidates who traverse the path of Fire. The three lower figures represent the Hebrew letter Shin, to which Fire is especially referred, the seven Hebrew Yods allude to the Sephiroth operating in each of the Planets and to the Schmphamphoresh



ASh is the Hebrew for fire.


ATh is the idea of Spirit as an element, it being the Alpha and Omega, or in the essence of which interpenetrates the other elements. It is the unformulated reality common to them, by virtue whereof they exist.

God names of Assiah


Yeheshua is attributed to Spirit (31 bis) on account of  the formation of the word from Tetragrammaton by the insertion of the letter Shin, thus forming the Pentagram of the Elements.


Elohim is given to Fire because the name of five letters represents the active but feminine principle Shakti of Geburah, the fiery Sephira.

Path of Wisdom

The Thirty-first Path is the Perpetual Intelligence; and why is it so called? Because it regulates the motions of the Sun and Moon in their proper order, each in an orbit convenient for it.

Deities associated with Judgement

Egyptian Gods


God of Fire


Kerub of Fire


The Lion, Sun in the South


Goddess of Fire

Greek Gods


God of Fire

Roman Gods


God of Fire.


God of Fire

Flora and Fauna of Judgement



The correctness of this should be intuitively perceived at once by every magician. Olibanum possesses a comprehensive catholic quality such as no other incense can boast.

Precious Stone

Fire Opal

The Fire Opal suggests the appearance of fire rising from the blackness of matter which it consumes.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond has the blackness of the Akasha; it is composed of carbon, the basis of living elements.



The Lion is the Kerub of Fire.



Red Poppy

Red Poppy is given to Fire only on account of its colour, and the same is true of Hibiscus. All scarlet flowers might be equally be placed here. But the attribution is not very satisfactory, s the nature of flowers in themselves is not usually fiery excepts as their perfume is a stimulant.

Magical Attributions of Judgement

Magical Powers

Invisibility, Transformations, Vision of the Genius

Magical Weapon

Pyramid of Fire

The Pyramid of Fire is an altogether minor weapon and is only used in certain ceremonies of uncommon type.


The Wand is the elemental weapon of Fire. It is not to be confused with the Wand of Chokmah or Chesed any more than the Cup of Water is to be mistaken for that of Binah.  The Elemental weapons are but vice-regents of the true weapons of the Sephiroth. The Thurible or lamp is borne by the the Dadouchos to consecrate the candidate with fire.

Winged Egg

The Winged Egg is symbolical of the spiritualized phallic energy. The Egg is Akasa, the source of all creation. There are many equivalent symbols.

Colour Scales of Judgement

Knight Colour Scale

Fire: Glowing orange scarlet

Spirit: White merging into Grey

Queen Colour Scale

Fire: Vermilion

Spirit: Deep Purple nearly Black

Prince Colour Scale

Fire: Scarlet, flecked Gold

Spirit: The 7 prismatic colours (violet outside)

Princess Colour Scale

Fire: Vermilion, flecked crimson and emerald.

Fire, being pure, retains its original vermilion; but it has become capable of being the home of the crimson and emerald of Binah and her sphere of joy, Venus. It is no longer a destructive element, but the proper abode of Love, both in its higher and lower forms.

Spirit: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black (this outside).

Spirit manifests the scale of five colours as shown on the Uraeus Wand. Its perfection is to complete itself in the Pentagram. The mystery is similar to that mentioned in connection with 1 above.

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