Lord of Valour – 7 of Wands – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn title

Lord of Valour

Divinatory meanings

Forceful and decisive action in the matter at hand, bringing to bear the full force of emotional involvement in the situation; swift emotional ordeals leading to a refinement of personality or spiritual essence; persons united by anger.

MacGregor Mathers

Success, Gain, Advantage, Profit, Victory.


Indecision, Doubt, Hesitation, Embarrassment, Anxiety.

Astrological attributions

The third or cadent decan of Leo is ruled by Mars from August 13th-22nd

The Magical Image of the Third Face of Leo in Picatrix

In the third face of Leo ascends a young man in whose hand is a Whip, and a man very sad, and of an ill aspect; they signify love and society, and the loss of ones right for avoiding strife.

Picatrix commentary

Picatrix shows the need for bravery to stand up for society despite the risk of violence or strife.

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11 Lust – Book of Thoth

The Lust Tarot divinatory meanings Lust is about passion, living life, making love, playing games and sports. We have extra energy to do what we desire that are not about the basic necessities of life; earning money, finding food and shelter, etc. Nature is tamed, but...

13 Death – Book of Thoth

The Death Tarot card Divinatory Meanings Related to Scorpio and the 8th House, which is about other people's money, secrets and sexuality. So, finding about into the sexual proclivities of someone is one interpretation. If you want to know what or where the secrets...

14 Art – Book of Thoth

Art divinatory meanings When strong, Art indicates balance and harmony in the life of the client. He is able to more than cope with what is going on around him and things run smoothly. There is a powerful aspirational component, in that upward desires are likely to...

16 The Tower – Book of Thoth

The Tower divinatory meanings The collapse of a world view or belief. In a perfect world, this would be immediately replaced by a new view or belief, but life is not simple. Either the old views are tenaciously held onto, or there is a lack of belief or perception in...

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