The 4 Nines Yesod

The Powers And Attributions of the 9’s Minor Arcana and Yesod on the Tree of Life

The Nine of Wands, Nine of Cups, Nine of Swords and Nine of Pentacles or Disks are related to Yesod, ruled by the Moon

Magical Image of Yesod

“A beautiful naked man, very strong”

Golden Dawn Grade

2=9 Theoricus

God Name in Assiah


Shaddai El Chai, Mighty and Every-living  God: refers to his function as Pangenetor.

Heaven of Assiah


Sphere of Luna

Path of Wisdom

The Ninth Path is the Pure Intelligence, so called because it purifies the Numerations, it proves and corrects the designing of their representation, and disposes their unity with which they are combined without diminution or division.

Deities associated with Yesod and the Nines Minor Arcana

Egyptian Gods


Lord of The Threshold, because he is Yesod, the link between Ruach and Nephesh. All exclusively phallic Gods might be attributed here.


Lord of the Firmament

Greek Gods


Representing the reproductive passion


Phallic stone and luna

Roman Gods


Marking the boundary.


Goddess of the Moon

Flora and Fauna associated with the Nines Minor Arcana and Yesod



“ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head.” This refers to his generative force.


Tortoise as supporting the Elephant, hence equivalent to Atlas. (Compare Book of Lies Cap XXVI)


Sacred to Ganesha, the God who breaks down obstacles. Hence placed in Yesod for the same reason as Anubis.



Damiana in Yesod is reputed a powerful aphrodisiac, and so are Ginseng and Yohimba.


The Mandrake is the typically phallic plant. It is peculiarly adapted to use in sexual magic, and it does have a direct connection with the automatic consciousness which has its seat in Yesod.


The Banyan is given here for the same reason as that in line 1. It is, so to speak, the foundation of a system of trees as Yesod is the foundation of the branches in the Tree of Life.

Precious Stones


Quartz refers to the Foundation. Note that gold is found in Quartz, suggesting the concealed glory of the sexual process.




Jasmine is traditionally sacred to Yesod, especially in Persia, to the spiritual use of the generative process.

Magical Powers of the Nines Minor Arcana

Magical Weapon


The Sandals enable the magician to “travel on the firmament of Nu.” The Sandal-strap is the Ankh which represents the mode of going, going being the essential faculty of every god. This strap, whose form is that of the Rosy Cross, forms a link between the material apparatus of his going and his feet; that is to say, the formula of the Rosy Cross enables a man to go – or, in other words, endows him with  Godhead.


The Altar is the foundation of the operation. Its characteristic is stability; also it represents Yesod as supporting the Ruach; that is to say, the means of the Formative World (Ruach = Yetsirah) through which it is proposed to work. The Altar and the sacrifice might also as well have been attributed to Tipareth. This would, in fact, be actually better in the case of certain types of operation, such as invocations of the Holy Guardian Angel, for in this case the human heart is the foundation of the work.


The Perfumes pertain to Yesod as forming a link between earth and heaven. This link is material virtue of the substance of the incense, and spiritual by virtue of their action through the olfactory sense upon the consciousness.

Magical Power

The Vision of the Machinery of the Universe

Magical Formula


Colour Scales for the Nines Minor Arcana

Knight Colour Scale


Queen Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

Very Dark Purple

Princess Colour Scale

Citrine, flecked Azure.

Citrine represents the final modification of Yesod, the airy nature at last appearing. The azure flecks are derived from Chesed – perhaps through Netzach; or from Sagittarius, the path joining it with Tipareth.

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