The 4 Eights – Hod

The 4 Eights

Analysis of the The Eight of Wands Swiftness, Eight of Cups Indolence, Eight of Swords Interference and Eight of Disks Prudence balance the energies of the Sevens.


Magical Image of Hod

“An Hermaphrodite”

Golden Dawn Grade

3=8 Practicus

God Name in Assiah

ALHYM TzBAVTh, Elohim Tzabaoth is one of the principle names of the Demiurge expressed in multiplicity and positive action (Hosts).

Heaven of Assiah

KVKB – Sphere of Mercury

Egyptian Gods

Anubis, the Lower form of Thoth, Mercury

Greek Gods

Hermes, Mercurial


Monokeros de Astris is given as the symbolical title of a Practicus. It is the swiftness of his motion which chiefly warrants the attribution. See Liber LXV, Cap III, v 2. he seems to combine the masculine and feminine element: on the one hand, the horn and the speed symbolism, on the other his white colour, his silver collar, and its inscription, linea viridis gyrat universa, which refers to Venus as containing the Universe.

Twin Serpent represent the Mercurial double current as on the Caduceus.

Jackal sacred to Anubis.

Harmaphrodite, as representing the dual nature of Mercury.


Anhalonium Lewinii has for one of its principle characteristics the power to produce very varied and brilliant colour visions in Hod.

Moly is mentioned in Homer as having been given by Hermes to Ulysses to counteract the spells of Circe. It has a black root and white blossom, which again suggests the dual currents of energy.

Precious Stones

The Opal has the varied colours attributed to Mercury

Opal, especially Fire Opal

Magical Weapons

The Apron conceals the Splendour (Hod) of the Magician. It  also explains that splendour by virtue of its symbolic design.

The Names and Versicles are Mercurial. They expand the Logos, explain it in three-dimensional (that is material) terms, just as the number 8 is a three-dimensional expansion of the number 2.

Magical Powers

The Vision of Splendour (Ezekiel)

Knight Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

Red Russet

Princess Colour Scale

Yellowish-Brown flecked White. This is the mystery of Mercury, improper to indicate clearly.

Path of Wisdom

The Eighth Path is called Absolute or Perfect Intelligence, because it is the means of the primordial, which has no root by which it can cleave, nor rest, except in the hidden places of Magnificence, which emanate from its own proper essence.

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