Six of Cups – Pleasure

Six of Cups pleasure is the state of being pleased, satisfaction, enjoyment. Picatrix, however, gives a more sinister reason for the enjoyment at the expense of others.

The Six of Cups suggests that trying to make someone happy is ultimately doomed to failure. Now is the time that you realise that not only does happiness come within, but also you have to pursue your own happiness and fulfilment. You realise that inner fulfilment allows you to express your own feelings and pleasure to your partner.

The Six of Cups is called Pleasure. This pleasure is a kind of pleasure which is completely harmonized. The zodiacal sign governing the card being Scorpio, pleasure is here rooted in its most convenient soil. This is pre-eminently a fertile card; it is one of the best in the pack.

Magical Image of the Second Face of Scorpio in Picatrix

In the second face of Scorpio ascends a man naked, and a woman naked, and a man sitting on the earth, and before him two dogs biting one another; and their operation is for impudence, deceit, and false dealing, and for to lend mischief and strife amongst men.

The second or Succedent decan of Scorpio is ruled by Sun from November 3rd-11th

The pleasure expressed in the Six of Cups is clearly more innocent than that of the face of Picatrix, where pleasure is gained from deception and mischief-making at the expense of the victims.

A woman, big bellied, with a penchant for house and husband’s happiness, with serpents all over her body, with a body which resembles a pot and a tortoise. This is a serpentine and female decanate.

A dreamer  whose dreams  are not  fulfilled. In  fiscal  matters they  are not clever. They  spend  money  when they  have & adjust when they  do  not  have. They  have  to  incorporate  shrewdness  and practical insight.

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