Prince of Disks – Book of Thoth

The Prince of Disks is a hard working young man, not particularly imaginative or ambitious.

The character denoted by this card is that of great energy brought to bear upon the most solid of practical matters. He is energetic and enduring, a capable manager, a steadfast and persevering worker. He is competent, ingenious, thoughtful, cautious, ‘trustworthy, imperturbable; he constantly seeks new uses for common things, and adapts his circumstances to his purposes in a slow, steady, well-thought out plan.

He is lacking almost entirely in emotion. He is somewhat in sensitive, and may appear dull, but he is not; it so appears because he makes no effort to understand ideas which are beyond his scope. He may often appear stupid, and is inclined to be resentful of more spiritual types. He is slow to anger, but, if driven, becomes implacable. It is not very practicable to distinguish between the good and evil dignities in this card; one can merely say that, in case of his being ill-dignified, both the quality and quantity of his characteristics are somewhat degraded. The reaction of others to him will depend almost entirely upon their own temperaments.

A practical young man.

Attributions of the Prince of Disks

Symbols of the Prince of Disks

  • Garden
  • Bull
  • Sceptre with orb and cross
  • Orb

Elemental Attribution

Air of Earth

Zodiacal Attributions

20 Aries – 20 Taurus

Sephira on the Tree of Life


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