5 The Hierophant – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title of The Hierophant: Magus of the Eternal Gods

Divinatory Meanings of The Hierophant

Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching.

MacGregor Mathers

Mercy, Beneficence, Kindness, Goodness.

Reversed meanings

Over-kindness, Weakness, Foolish exercise of generosity.

Attributions of The Hierophant

Correct design of The Hierophant

Between the Pillars sits an Ancient

He is crowned, sceptred and blessing, all in a three-fold manner. Four living creatures adore him, the whole suggesting a pentagram by its shape. Liber 777

Hebrew letter Vau – V

The Sun. Redeemer. The Son is but the Son.

Liber 777

Vau – A Nail (shape directly hieroglyphic) suggests the fixation of the Supernals in Tipareth.

Zodiac Sign


Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac; it rules from April 20-May 20. Taurus is ruled by Venus. The neck, throat and jaw are related to Taurus. Taureans have the characteristics of patience, and persistence.

Path of Wisdom

The Sixteenth Path is the Triumphal or Eternal Intelligence, so called because it is the pleasure of the Glory, beyond which is no other Glory like to it, and it is called also the Paradise prepared for the Righteous.

Deities associated with The Hierophant

Egyptian Gods



Kerub of Earth


The Redeemer

Roman Gods


Hymen is given here because of its connection with ATU V. See Catullus, Pervigillium Veneris.

Greek Gods


Athene pertaining to the head. Here a doubtful attribution, but there may be some connection with the Heavenly Cow.

Flora and Fauna of The Hierophant

Precious Stone


Refers to the letter Vau.



The Bull is the Kerub of Earth. All beasts of burden and those used in agriculture may be attributed here.



Mallow is traditional to Taurus.  We might possibly add giant trees of all species to this sign.

Magical Attributions of The Hierophant

Magical Powers

The Secret of Physical Strength

Magical Weapon

The Altar

The Altar may also be attributed to Taurus on accounts of its solidity and its function of bearing the higher elements of the magician. There is a mystery of Europa and Pasiphae connected with this attribution.


The Throne refers to Vau: The Heart must support and admit the lordship of the higher consciousness of the magician.

Colour Scales of The Hierophant

Knight Colour Scale

Red orange

Queen Colour Scale

Deep Indigo

Prince Colour Scale

Deep Warm Olive

Princess Colour Scale

Rich Brown

Rich fertile earth.

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