Five of Cups – Disappointment

Five of Cups synonyms of disappointment are failure, defeat, frustration.

The Five of Cups shows that Four of Cups in the cold light of day; the emotional excitement or expectations of the Two and Three, may not have been as good as you thought. The Five of Cups shows that your own emotional fulfilment has to come from within – your partner can not provide you with all that happiness and emotional support that you expected. You may feel some emptiness or loneliness even during those times of happiness, but you suppressed or ignored them.

Disappointment, as is only natural, because Fire delights in superabundant energy, whereas the water of Pleasure is naturally placid, and any disturbance of ease can only be regarded as misfortune

Magical Image of the First Face of Scorpio in Picatrix

In the first face of Scorpio ascends a woman of good face and habit, and two men striking her; the operations of these are for comeliness, beauty, and for strifes, treacheries, deceits, detractations, and perditions.

The first or Ascendant decan of Scorpio is ruled by Mars from October 23rd-November 2nd

The beautiful surface hides the machinations that go on to cause disappointment.

A beautiful woman, absolutely ravishing, with ornaments, devoid of clothes,  dislocated from her place of domicile, arriving from the middle of the ocean to the shore, with serpents all over her feet. This is a female and a serpentine decanate.

Struggle hard in the early part of life. They  work hard and become workaholics. They  may amass wealth  beyond  the  dreams of avaricewhen  time  comes. They  have  many  sources  of  income. They have the  courage  to  face powerful enemies.

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