Eight of Wands – Swiftness

Swiftness means moving with great speed, prompt action, quick thinking. To be smart or clever.

The Eight of Wands is about: communicating, selling, promoting, marketing, making news about the actions. Hearing news about the action.

Book of Thoth – Swiftness

In the Eight of Wands, fire is no longer conjoined with the ideas of combustion and destruction. It represents energy in its most exalted and tenuous sense; this suggests such forms thereof as the electric current; one might almost say pure light in the material sense of that word.

Crowley saw this card as representing high energy physics.

The rainbow is prominent.

Magical Image of the First Face of Sagittarius in Picatrix

In the first face of Sagittarius ascends the form of a man armed with a coat of mail, and holding a naked sword in his hand; the operation of this is for boldness, malice, and liberty:

The first or Ascendant decan of Sagittarius is ruled by Mercury from November 22nd-Dec 1st

Mercury ruling this decanate of Sagittarius gives the sense of swiftness and ease of movement, to which we can add boldness and liberty from Picatrix. How the malice fits in is not so easy to establish.

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4 The Emperor – Book of Thoth

The Emperor represents authority figures such as the Father, your boss, head of an organisation, or the alpha male. This is a person who gives orders and expects them to be obeyed. Don't expect fun and frolicking when the Emperor appears. Everything is too serious....

6 The Lovers – Book of Thoth

The Lovers Tarot divinatory meanings The Lovers tarot is about love and love affairs, it  implies a doubt or hesitation in where a relationship is at. Is the right person for me? In our friends and partners we look for kinship, some kind of similarity, as this...

9 The Hermit – Book of Thoth

The Hermit divinatory meanings The Hermit is about seclusion, withdrawal from society, as in a Monk or living in a hermitage. In fact the Hermit chooses to live a solitary life, but he is still engaged with society. People come to him for advice on all kinds of...

11 Lust – Book of Thoth

The Lust Tarot divinatory meanings Lust is about passion, living life, making love, playing games and sports. We have extra energy to do what we desire that are not about the basic necessities of life; earning money, finding food and shelter, etc. Nature is tamed, but...

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  1. Pablo Bianchi

    Hello master Paul Hugues, could the 8 of wands also mean intuition?

    • ar1cz

      Hi Pablo, yes the 8 of Wands could refer to intuition or a brainwave


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