Book of Thoth Wands

Book of Thoth Wands Minor Arcana

Descriptions of the Wands Minor Arcana from 2 to 10 of Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth tarot. The Wand is the symbol of Fire.

Titles of the Wands

The Titles originate from the Golden Dawn

Wands and Tree of Life

Wands represent the spiritual level of Atziluth

The sephiroth are from 2 to 10 or Chokmah to Malkuth.

Wands and Astrology

The Wands are associated with the fire signs of the zodiac:

2, 3 and 4 – Aries

5, 6 and 7 – Leo

8, 9 and 10 – Sagittarius


The divinatory meanings have their origin in Picatrix

Two of Wands – Dominion

Dominion is a noun, the power or right of governing and controlling, where there is a single rulership, over a significant territory. As a noun, Dominion does not have a reversed meaning. Picatrix illustrates a black man with red eyes capable of overseeing and...

Three of Wands – Virtue

Three of Wands shows movement of the active impulse into a more creative phase. Exploring the possibilities. Increasing the chances of the action succeeding. Creating a supporting environment for the action, such as a new business. Checking the ecology of the action -...

Four of Wands – Completion

Completion means building up and establishing one's actions. Fulfilment of conclusion. There is no antonym. Book of Thoth - Completion - Four of Wands In the Wands suit, the card is called Completion. The manifestation promised by Binah...

Five of Wands – Strife

Strife means rivalry, conflict, discord or antagonism. Archaically, strife means strenuous effort. The antonym of strife is peace. Is Picatrix the inspiration for Crowley changing the name of the Strength card to Lust? The Five of Wands...

Six of Wands – Victory

Victory means triumph over an enemy, or a superior position over an opponent. This suggests the nature of the Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel. The antonym for victory is defeat. The Six of Wands means that once the action has been...

Seven of Wands – Valour

Valour means bravery in the face of great danger. The antonym for valour is cowardice. The Seven of Wands suggests finding new uses for the action. Discovering that the action is making changes into new areas. Making the action go further...

Eight of Wands – Swiftness

Swiftness means moving with great speed, prompt action, quick thinking. To be smart or clever. The Eight of Wands is about: communicating, selling, promoting, marketing, making news about the actions. Hearing news about the action. Book of...

Nine of Wands – Strength

Strength is the state of being strong and healthy. A capable corps, ability to resist, ability to maintain the state. The Nine of Wands suggests more strengthening of the action. Whatever doubts one had, these will be dispelled. The...

Ten of Wands – Oppression

Oppression is the cruel or unjust exercise of power or authority. A heavy burden. The antonym is Justice. The Ten of Wands means actions that started with a vague idea or an impulse has become <a monster that is out of control. Other...